Renovation & Maintenance
For world class playing surfaces.

We offer a complete range of sports turf renovation and maintenance solutions which can be tailored to your needs.


Aeration relieves compaction, enables water penetration and replenishes plant and soil health.

Top Dressing

Levels surface variations and depressions, improves soil nutrient and reduces thatch.

Top Making

All in one top layer removal of thatch – leaving only roots, stolons, rhizomes and crowns.

Sweeping and Scarifying

Promotes turf recovery as part of a holistic turf renovation program.


The correct mowing height, frequency and efficiency all contribute to field quality.

Turf Nutrition

Promotes turf density and improves plant quality for a safer playing surface.

Turf Patching

Surface repair on heavily worn and damaged areas for any facility.

Premium Services

Our services can be tailored to suit a wide range of applications from sporting venues, wickets and golf courses to school ovals and public spaces. Our experienced operators and extensive range of machinery guarantees a high quality renovation.

Planning a field construction?