Southbank Riverside Green Playground

  • Logistics and traffic control
  • Maxi roll delivery and installation
  • Post maintenance

Riverside Green Playground, Southbank

Southbank’s Riverside Green Playground was refurbished in 2015 with a new kids playground and family-friendly green space.

Logistics & Traffic Control

The inner city location of the construction site required our project teams to operate vehicles and machinery in close proximity to pedestrian traffic, therefore implementing traffic control as required. Due to the high profile, high use nature of the project site, we actively ensured that WHS was conducted to a high level at all times in the best interest of the general public, including all employees and contractors.

Maxi roll Delivery

Maxi rolls of Nullarbor Couch were forklifted from the truck to the installation site, under the supervision of our Project Manager. Freshly harvested the morning of delivery, all maxi rolls were gathered in the preparation area ahead of turf installation.

Turf Installation

Using a special low impact track layer, our professional installation crew unrolled the maxi rolls methodically to best suit the shape and design of the landscape, before being raked into position. Edges and trims were then cut in and refined to complete the green space, before a agronomically designed chemical and fertiliser program was commenced.

Post Maintenance

Twin View Turf conducted professional post maintenance on the newly installed green space, with irrigation and pre emergent fertiliser application. All post maintenance works were completed as part of a specialty fertiliser program to ensure rapid establishment of the turf, and enhance its robustness ahead of the sites official launch.

Quality Control

From our quality focused production schedule to our quality workmanship on and off site – we continue to pride the industries highest quality product and service for a variety of clients across South East Queensland. A Lawn Solutions Australia Accredited Grower and trusted local business, we are Brisbane’s premier turf supplier.

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