New lawns

  • Clear your site
  • Apply new top soil
  • Soil compaction

New lawns

Find out the best way to prepare your brand new site for a new lawn.

Clear your site

It's common for construction materials, rocks, weeds and rubbish to be left on a house construction site. It's important to clear your site of these items, as they can influence the growth and long-term quality of your new lawn. You'll also need to apply a glyphosphate herbicide to the site, like 'Roundup' or 'Zero'. This will kill off any weeds present in the soil and create a healthy base for your new lawn.

Apply new top soil

Your new lawn relies on a number of vital nutrients to help it grow, all of which can be found in a quality top soil or sandy loam - available from your local landscape yard. You should apply enough soil for a 50 - 100mm depth coverage across the entire site. Next, you'll need to spread the soil across the site using a bobcat, dingo or shovel - depending on the size of the site.

Soil compaction

Your new layer of fresh, quality top soil needs to be lightly compacted. Use a lightweight lawn roller, or the back of a spade - ensuring the result is a smooth, even compacted surface. We also recommend applying a lawn starter fertiliser to your site to provide additional nutrients, giving your new lawn the best possible environment to establish and thrive.

Planning a new lawn project?