RACV Royal Pines Redeveloped

  • Solid turfing greens with TifEagle
  • Nine-by-nine strategy
  • 360 project management

RACV Royal Pines

A Graham Marsh redeveloped Championship Course featuring 27 holes of world-class golf.

Solid turfing with TifEagle

The time constraints of each redevelopment phase meant that traditional stolonising methods were not feasible, leaving solid turfing as the best and only option. The maintenance and compatibility issues surrounding the original bentgrass greens presented an opportunity for upgrade to the current high performance TifEagle greens, supplied by Twin View Turf.

The Transition

The nine-by-nine strategy that was implemented during the three phase reconstruction period, meant that there was little disturbance to playability for the 50 weeks of the year surrounding the two tournaments on course. The installation of the new TifEagle greens had been accounted for in the grand plan and was completed seamlessly and successfully in time for deadline.

The Details

Twin View Turf constructed a purpose built TifEagle nursery for turf production to ensure the supplied turf met the client’s exact specifications. From the sand type and levels to the height of the turf, every aspect was coordinated with oversight from RACV project consultants to ensure quality standards were met.

The Result

The 18 hole course conversion was completed in time for both 2014 and 2015 PGA Championshiops across the two year project timeline. The revised TifEagle greens provided a noticeably faster ball speed, offering greater recovery and colour consistency as a high performance tournament grade green.

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