It’s hard to believe that Winter is on our doorstep! The coming cooler months present a number of common lawn care questions, regarding new and existing lawns. If you’ve been wondering how to look after your lawn this winter, this article is for you!

New Lawns

Contrary to popular belief, installing a new lawn in Winter is just as successful as installing a new lawn in Summer. The only difference is the time it takes to fully establish itself, as the cooler temperatures delay the speed at which the grass roots implant to its new home.

Existing Lawns

It’s important to note that all lawns, regardless of season, require the same lawn care regime of frequent watering, regular mowing and seasonal fertilisation. With some seasonal precautions, you can be confident that your lawn is ready to see Winter through problem-free.

Pre-Season Fertilisation

New lawns are supplied full of nutrients, and therefore don’t require additional support from fertiliser at this time of year. However, existing lawns will benefit from some fresh nutrition from a fertiliser of your choice. This will ensure it’s well equipped with everything it needs to see through the cooler Winter months.

Watering Your Lawn

Anyone who’s experienced a Queensland winter, will have seen through some cold temperatures, though rarely a morning frost at sunrise. However, it’s not to say that it never happens – if frosty conditions are forecast, water your lawn thoroughly beforehand. This will ensure the soil remains warm and allows the grass roots to self-regulate its water uptake.

Mowing Your Lawn

During the cooler months, you’ll notice that your lawn is growing at a slower rate. While you’ll need to mow your lawn less often, it’s important that you still mow regularly. We recommend that your mower blade height be adjusted to allow your lawn to retain moisture, and prevent damage. Optimum mowing heights are as follows:

Sir Walter: 35 – 50mm
Nullarbor Couch: 20 – 30mm
Legend: 20 – 30mm

If you’d like more information on winter lawn care, please contact us on 1800 686 711 – we’d love to help!