Once you’ve decided which grass variety is best suited for your new lawn, the most important factor to consider is quality. Choosing a supplier that can guarantee quality product and service will determine the future success of your lawn and your overall satisfaction.

Regardless of the variety you choose and how perfectly it matches your needs – it’s only as good the supplier it comes from. On your search for the best lawn from the best supplier, consider quality as a measure of value. A poor quality lawn can present a variety of problems, from foreign grass and weed contamination, lack of nutrients and many other symptoms that often show during your lawns establishment period.

Twin View Turf invest a great deal of time and resources in their production and maintenance schedules to ensure consistent quality turf. Our refined quality control measures guarantee consistent results – with every harvest producing premium turf. If that’s not enough, our Product Satisfaction Guarantee backs up the quality of our product, with a 10 Year Product Warranty backing up the quality of our grass varieties.

The bottomline is that our quality guarantee is fact, not fiction. All new lawns are supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity, which warrants any claims of the 10 Year Product Warranty. If your new lawn doesn’t meet expectations and your claim appeases the terms and conditions of the guarantee, we’ll replace it free of charge!

For a lawn you’ll love, and to experience the best customer service in the industry – call Twin View Turf today on 1800 686 711.