Twin View Turf go the extra mile for all customers at every opportunity. We especially take the time to inform and educate our customers, from choosing their new lawn to ongoing care and troubleshooting.

All customers who are supplied a new lawn from Twin View Turf receive a Lawn Care Guide. This guide serves them for the life of their lawn, from installation to long term maintenance. We’ve crafted this specially for our customers, so that they have all necessary lawn care information right at their fingertips – and of course, we’re always a phone call away for one-on-one guidance!

The Twin View Turf Lawn Care Guide includes information on:

• Lawn Installation
• Establishment Period
• Long Term Maintenance
• Expert Tips & Advice

All customers can look forward to receiving our Lawn Care Guide on delivery of quality, freshly harvested new lawn.

For a lawn you’ll love and to experience the best customer service in the industry – call Twin View Turf today on 1800 686 711.