If you’re planning landscaping for your new home or undergoing a lawn renovation or garden makeover, you’ll know that creating a beautiful green space on a budget can be challenging! You may find yourself having to compromise on quality materials and final selections of plants and decor.

When it comes to choosing your new lawn, this cost-saving method doesn’t always result in value for money or guarantee long-term suitability in your garden.

When choosing your new lawn, it’s important to make an informed decision based on the environmental factors of your site. The cheapest lawn option may be an attractive choice to meet budget, though may not establish successfully – which can end up doubling overall costs with a lawn replacement down the track.

Residential blocks are getting smaller and so are our backyards! It’s more common now for lawns to receive shade from trees, fences, sheds and neighbouring properties – meaning shade tolerance should be the first and most important factor for you to consider when choosing your new lawn.

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