New lawns MUST be installed on the day of delivery!

All new lawns supplied by Twin View Turf are freshly harvested each morning, packed full of nutrients and ready for install. To ensure a healthy establishment and to safeguard the future health of your lawn – it’s critical that the turf is installed on the day of delivery. Failing to do this could lead to a number of lawn health issues:

Pallet Burn
‘Pallet burn’ is a form of severe heat stress that affects turf stacked on a pallet. Most common in warmer months leading up to and throughout Summer – pallet burn is caused by exposure to extreme heat or extended periods of time stacked on a pallet. Consequently, the turf is overheated and begins to burn from the centre of the slabs.

Heat Stress
Just like an already established lawn in the ground, freshly harvested turf is easily effected by heat stress. Leave any freshly harvested lawn out of the ground for too long and the quality can deteriorate very quickly. Install as soon as possible and soak with water to restore and maintain the health of your new lawn.

Active Nutrients
All turf is quality produced and supplied fully mature with an abundance of nutrients from the farm. To ensure your new lawn continues to thrive in your yard, installing as soon as possible following delivery will ensure a healthy establishment.

If you have any questions or for more information, call Twin View Turf today on 1800 686 711.