We all love an Australian summer – it hosts our favourite outdoor activities from barbecues to backyard cricket and everything in between. It is however the toughest season for our lawns, leaving them prone to drought stress, lawn feeding pests and generally looking worse for wear.

Even the most experienced lawn lovers can be tested by the relentless summer months – sometimes our efforts just aren’t matched with that lush green lawn we’ve strived so hard for. But with the onset of Autumn on the horizon, March is a month of lawn recovery and repair. With some simple advice, and a few easy steps, you’ll have your lush, green lawn back in no time!

Feed your lawn
Fertiliser is essential in keeping your lawn in good shape between seasons, it’s simple to apply and effective in all conditions. Quality fertiliser such as Sir Walter Premium Lawn food is available in 4kg and 10kg buckets covering 200m2 and 500m2 respectively and is available at your nearest Lawn Solution Centre.

Aerate your lawn
You can easily assess whether your lawn is suffering from compaction by trying to insert a garden fork or even a screw driver into the soil. If it’s a struggle to pierce the soil to a few centimeters you may benefit from aerating your lawn. For small areas you can simply use a garden fork or for larger areas you may wish to hire either a manual or a mechanical aerator.

Mowing height
It is important to mow your lawn regularly as part of any lawn maintenance regime. As a general rule; never cut more than 1/3 of the leaf in a single mow. For established lawns, during warmer months the recommended height is 15-20mm for Couch, and 30-35mm for Buffalo. Don’t forget to give your freshly mowed lawn a thorough watering afterwards!

Weed control
Weeds are extremely common and love to infiltrate any lawn, new or pre-existing. The good news is that most weeds can be treated with broad spectrum herbicides, and the sooner the better:

Buffalo: Lawn products with an active concentrate of Bromoxynil (200g/l) and MCPA (200g/l) such as Sir Walter Weed Control or Yates Buffalo Pro.

Couch: Responds best to Dicamba based products such as Yates Bindii & Clover weeder.

Nutgrass is a unique weed that appears as bright green blades of grass. It spreads fast, and grows even faster, often standing taller than your lawn. Treating Nutgrass with Sedgehammer or Sempra will keep it at bay and under control.

Fungus / Mite
There are a variety of common fungal diseases that can appear in any lawn. Symptoms can range from dead areas to noticeably brown patches, all treatable with a multi-purpose fungicide and miticide product like Mancozeb Plus. There are many varieties of Mancozeb Plus on the market including Yates, Richgro and Searles.

Lastly, but most importantly don’t forget to water!
Like any living plant, grass requires adequate sun, water and nutrients to survive. It’s important to give your lawn sufficient water to recover from the heat of summer. You will achieve greatest results by watering an established lawn less frequently however ensuring that you give it a thorough drenching each time. This encourages your plants root system to seek out water deep into the soil making it more resilient to drought like conditions.