Sir Walter has long been Australia’s favourite lawn.

For 20 years, it’s been the lawn of choice for many suburban homes for its drought resistance and ability to thrive in both shade and full sun, all year round. It’s quite simply, the easiest lawn to look after and without a doubt – the most rewarding.

To accommodate for Australia’s growing population, our suburbs feature smaller blocks and larger homes – resulting in even smaller lawns. This presents a number of restrictions for new homeowners who have long dreamt of creating their ideal green, outdoor living area. Backyards are cast with shade from neighbouring properties, fences and trees with limited exposure to full sun.

A licensed product of Lawn Solutions Australia, Sir Walter’s genetic properties have been tried and tested, and proven to thrive in these environments. The peace of mind and overall product satisfaction of a Sir Walter lawn is priceless, and the reason for it’s reputation as Australia’s Favourite Lawn.

As our increasingly busy lifestyles become more demanding, dedicating time to backyard maintenance is a luxury for some. Sir Walter brings that luxury to every home, with so many easy to love and maintain qualities. It looks great, feels luxurious and adds value to your home and lifestyle.

Ideal for homes with children, family pets, shaded areas and sunny backyards, Sir Walter is the most versatile lawn option for the Queensland climate. Look forward to spending quality time outside, with this worry-free luxurious lawn!