Twin View Turf – a Leader in Quality
With 15 years of cultivating, harvesting and supplying turf for new lawns, sports fields, golf courses and public parks – we are seasoned professionals with a longstanding reputation for quality. Our refined quality control measures guarantee consistent results – with every harvest producing premium turf.

Quality seems like an easy claim, but it’s vitally important when it comes to new lawns. It’s very much a case of, ‘you get what you pay for’. A quality lawn will be delivered fresh, full of nutrients and free from weeds, pests and foreign grasses. Unfortunately, you’ll only know this on delivery and in the coming days, as your new lawn establishes. For peace of mind, choose a turf supplier that offers a product satisfaction guarantee.

Product Satisfaction Guarantee
Twin View Turf are proud members of Lawn Solutions Australia – an industry first national body that exists to spearhead the future of Australia’s turf industry. Our affiliation with Lawn Solutions Australia carries unmatched benefits with a 10 Year Product Satisfaction Guarantee.

The bottomline is that our quality guarantee is fact, not fiction. All new lawns are supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity, which warrants any claims of the Product Satisfaction Guarantee. If your new lawn doesn’t meet expectations and your claim appeases the terms and conditions of the guarantee, we’ll replace it free of charge!