Lawn projects are often at the mercy of third party schedules, changes in weather and conflicting plans. Scheduling the delivery of your new lawn may seem like a logistical nightmare for some, though Twin View Turf offer the added flexibility of Next Day Delivery. If your project timings are up in the air, or simply want the luxury of a short turnaround – Twin View Turf have got you covered.

Same Day Harvest
Twin View Turf are the only current turf supplier in South East Queensland to offer same day harvest. Your new lawn is harvested early hours of the morning, the same day as delivery – meaning your new lawn can be installed just hours later.

The harvesting process can be harsh on the organic matter and and grass root system. This places stress on the plant, as it cuts the supply of nutrients until install in its new home. The sooner the slabs of turf are installed into their new home, the sooner it will settle, and establish into a strong, healthy lawn. Twin View Turf is the only supplier to provide a same day service, meaning we’re your best bet for the healthiest lawn!

SMS Notification
To further enhance the customer experience, our order confirmations and delivery times are sent via SMS. Twin View Turf are passionate about keeping their customers informed, and allowing the opportunity for them to plan their schedule on delivery day.

Our SMS Notification was implemented to ensure order accuracy and extend the positive customer experience. It serves as a record of your order, and allows the flexibility to make last minute changes to the order, should anything require amendment.