#1 Lawn

Sir Walter is Australia’s No. 1 Buffalo lawn for many reasons. A superior quality soft leaf buffalo grass Sir Walter will provide you with a brilliant green, shade tolerant, low maintenance lawn that you will love.

At Twin View Turf we have been growing and supplying premium quality Sir Walter throughout South East Queensland for over 12 years. Find out all there is to know about this superb grass below.

100% Australian

Sir Walter was designed in Australia, for the Australian climate, by an Australian. Sir Walter has been developed to handle the tough Australian climate with ease, thriving during blistering summers and maintaining spectacular colour throughout our cool winters.

Drought Tolerant

Sir Walter Premium lawn grass is extremely water efficient as it has been specifically designed to be drought tolerant. Whether you are concerned with conservation or simply with the rising cost of water, this drought tolerance offers huge benefits to not only yourself but also our environment.

Full Sun and Shade Tolerant

The most shade tolerant grass on the Australian market, Sir Walter maintains its health with as little as 2 – 3 hours of direct sunlight each day. Whilst able to survive in shaded areas there is no maximum amount of sun that it is able to tolerated, instead Sir Walter will also thrive in areas that receive full sun.

Low Maintenance

In addition to its strong drought and shade tolerance, Sir Walter lawns possess many other key qualities which add to it being one of the most low maintenance lawn options available. Its tight growth habit and thick foliage is very effective in controlling weed invasion which leads to a reduced need for herbicide application. Sir Walter also grows slower than many couch varieties, meaning you spend less time on the mower.

Soft Texture

Sir Walter grass retains a soft, broad, more supple leaf than most of its competitors, it also boasts a springy softness that your kids will love to play on.

Self Repairing

Sir Walter has been developed to repair itself when damaged or abused. Areas that have discoloured or been destroyed will often re-establish on their own. This means less time concentrating on fertilising and other repairs and more time enjoying your yard.

Sir Walter Premium Lawn Grass is the only choice if you are looking for the best turf available, in Brisbane or Australia. It is hard-wearing, soft, low maintenance, drought tolerant, and it has a spectacular green colour that it holds even through the chilliest Brisbane winters. Backed by a 10 year warranty from Lawn Solutions Australia, it is an easy choice to make.